Game concept

Game Concept

CyberVoid is a new NFT-based game that runs on the Binance Smart Contract (BSC) network.
It’s a groundbreaking, RPG\strategic, play-to-earn gaming ecosystem that is seamlessly capable of facilitating blockchain development and evolving the basics of the DeFi economy while buttressing the game’s staking-and-earning feature in a gamified way.

Game Features

The game is created on an on-chain basis to guarantee users transparent economy and security but also on an off-chain approach to allow the user to feel the whole pleasure of indie gaming.


CyberVoid is a place where the player gets endless possibilities for development. Starting the game with only one inexperienced hero, the player gradually becomes stronger by improving his heroes and combines them into a team. The player is able to use heroes in PvE battles, PvP skirmish, or send them to farm crypto in gamified yield farming.

Game Setting

The world of CyberVoid is on the brink of destruction. Waves of emptiness are breaching the defenses stronger and stronger every day. Players have a choice to make: save civilization, or join the warriors of the Void and finally destroy what's left of our world.

P2E Game

CyberVoid NFT game does not require players to spend money to start playing. Players can buy characters, upgrade them, and to do that they can either spend in-game currency $GOLD which they earn while playing the game or spend $CBRV token. It is also an investment to generate profits later on.

Game Economy

$CBRV is an exchangeable ecosystem token that is required to unlock the whole game's potential. Users can earn $CBRV when entering in-game events, farming, trading or competing with others. The token is correlated with an off-chain in-game currency $GOLD, regulated by a smart contract, that helps users to interact with in-game assets, upgrade heroes and enter the economy.
Yes, the world of CyberVoid is brutal - it's up to the player to decide which of his heroes will live and evolve, and which will suffer death for the good of the former. CyberVoid gives the player a huge choice when it comes to forming teams. Even weak heroes can show amazing results in a team if it is properly formed. Needless to say, strong and rare heroes’ development is almost limitless.
Each hero can play certain roles in the team. The choice of hero roles is not only influenced by the player. Even two (identical in appearance) heroes can have different sets of parameters in their development. You should always be aware that your opponent can surprise you, but you are also capable of taking your opponent by surprise.